Frequently Asked Questions

The study program lasts 10 months (training at the school and practical internship)

  • September to June
  • February to September

The application deadline for the Wine Consultant Diploma depends of the type of visa application you need. 

It is set according to the duration of obtaining your student visa for France. We also must take into account the number of seats available at the school.

Contact us if you are interested in applying or if you have any additional questions.

There are two intakes per year:
February and September.

The cost for the Wine Consultant diploma is 7 650 € 

Yes, you can pay in several times. First of all, we ask for a deposit of 1500 € to validate your registration. For students whose student visa application is required, Campus France and the French Embassy also require proof of payment of registration fees. Then, once in training, you will have the opportunity to pay in several times month by month.

⚠️ Since the beginning of the epidemic, the Visa Center requires students applying for student visas to pay full tuition fees.

Feel free to contact me directly on Whatsapp for more information.

We don't have online classes as there are daily tastings. It is impossible to do class remotely.

Our school is located in 108 quai des chartrons 33000 Bordeaux France

The documents required for Nom du programme are:
- Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume
- Letter of motivation for entering CAFA (1/2 page, please explain your future plans as well)
 - Photocopy of high school diploma
 - Photocopy of identity card (Passport, National ID card, or visa)
 - 1 identity photos 
 - Completed registration form 

Proper attire is essential for wine and spirits training during theoretical classes in class and in professional attire for practical classes.
Contact us by phone at 0557876492 for more details