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International school of wine and
spirits based in Bordeaux.

The CAFA Formations School–
International School of Wines and Spirits

CAFA Formations – International School of Wines and Spirits is a private higher education establishment.

Specialized in training in wines and spirits since 1986, CAFA Formations is located in the heart of Bordeaux; the famous historic district of Chartrons.

With our headquarters in the heart of Bordeaux

CAFA Wine School / CAFA Formations is the first wine school in France based in Bordeaux in Aquitaine and is proud to be a program provider approved by the French government.

Wine Consultant Diploma / Conseiller en Sommellerie is registered in the RNCP (National Directory of professional certifications). This basic program on the knowledge of wine, spirit and spirit of the Sommelier.

The International Wine and Spirits School created by CAFA in 1986.
Our school based in « Chartron » the heart of the historical wine merchant quarter in Bordeaux offers courses in wine and spirits certification, and workshops that are ideal for amateurs and professionals in the wine and beverage industry.

Whether you want to learn wine or spirits or do business, our certification courses, workshops and tastings are perfect for you.

Our school combines the incomparable knowledge and passion of our instructors with a friendly and accessible style.

Come and experience CAFA Wine School education at its best location in Bordeaux, France for learn all around about wine

We welcome students from all over the world who are passionate about wine and who wish to train in the art and techniques of wine tasting, vinification and in viticulture in France as well as learning about other notable world wine regions, in order to be the most efficient in their present or future field of work: Sommelier / Wine waiter, Importer, Distributor, Merchants, Restaurant or Wine Shop owners…

More than an art of living, wine is a passion. Of this passion, our teachers, experts in oenology, put all their know-how to work in order to pass it on to you. The CAFA Wine school team is made up of individuals who are certified with high ranking diplomas in Oenology and Sommellerie / Wine Stewardship and who have solid professional experience in the International Wine Industry. Our teachers’ main desire is to pedagogically share their passion and skills with you as best they can.

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CAFA Wine School

Valeur & Projet

CAFA Formations works closely with all players in the wine sector, the wine, spirits and beer trades since 1986.

For many years, wine, beer and spirits training was focused on the catering industry, especially in terms of sommelier skills.

Over the years, we have evolved with the industry, now seeking professionals with expertise in wine and spirits knowledge in order to provide advice to an increasingly informed clientele (B2B or B2C).


Our preferred speakers and facilitators at CAFA Formations