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If you are motivated to join this Wine Consultant diploma program you will need to answer at all of next request and to send us the following documents for admissions review.

To continue register for CAFA Wine School, we need to examine your application.
We want to know where you come from and what are your career plan. The most important is : your motivation.

You will need to send us the following documents for admissions review either by sending the documents to CAFA.

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« This pre-registration is a guarantee for you and for us of your presence. It is deductive of the total costs of training.

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Enrollment is still open and there are approximately 15 seats left.
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We will study your pre-registration request by providing us with all requested information and we will respond as quickly as possible to your acceptances at CAFA Wine School / CAFA Formations International Wine and Spirits School. »

Sincerly CAFA WINE SCHOOL / CAFA Formations team !