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Become a Wine Consultant with CAFA Wine School

Wine Consultant

Wine Consultant

The professional title of  Wine Consultant Diploma is associated with the French Ministry. This training aims to train future commercial advisors in wine and spirits of tomorrow.

The job of Wine Consutlant Diploma exercises its activity in all distribution and sales companies and advice on wines, spirits, liqueurs, alcoholic beverages.

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What is a Wine Consultant ?

Become a Wine Consultant with CAFA Wine School

Are you passionate about wines and spirits ? Do you want to master the art of professional wine tasting and selection? Join our Wine Consultant program and become an expert in the field !

As a Wine Consultant, you will:

  • Professionally taste and evaluate wines and spirits.
  • Curate a range of products using tasting as your primary tool.


Key Skills You’ll Acquire:

  1. Master the methodology and vocabulary of wine tasting with CAFA Wine School.
  2. Identify quality factors, evolution, and typicity of wines to define their style.
  3. Be able to recognize major wine faults
  4. Comment on, classify, and rank wines based on predefined criteria.
  5. Serve as a jury member in wine competitions.


Global Wine Knowledge:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of French vineyards and key vineyards around the world.
  • Learn to choose and select wines for clients based on their criteria.
  • Discover new products to ensure the best quality-price ratio.
  • Pair wines with dishes according to your clients’ tastes.



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What are the objectives of the training program and what degree am I awarded upon completion ?

Program Highlights:

  • French and International Vineyards: Detailed study and understanding.
  • Tasting Skills the:

    • Identify main taste and aromatic components of wine.
    • Organize optimal tasting conditions.
    • Use CAFA’s analytical tasting method with professional precision.
    • Enhance wines with precise and professional tasting notes.
    • Describe the taste balance of wines and hypothesize their composition, quality, and potential.
    • Assess the complexity and evolution of a wine.
    • Detect and identify aromatic and taste deviations in wines.
    • Apply tasting skills in a professional setting.

Candidates :

Anyone who is passionate about wines and spirits and holds a high school diploma.

  • 567 hours of theoretical training
    2 Sessions per year:

- Between February 2025 to October 2025, start of courses on 24th February 2025

- Between September 2024 to Juin 2025, start of courses on 16th September 2024



  • Wine shop personnel
  • Wine taster
  • Sommelier Sales coordinator
  • Beverage department manager
  • Wine and spirits sales personnel - import/export
  • Wine journalist
  • Etc…

Visits and conferences

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Additional Program Features:

Preparing the wine consultant diploma  registered by the French government 

National Directory of Professional Certifications State Diploma recognized and controlled by the French government.
How to register ? Is what I can get a quote?

The tuition price of this training program is 7 650€

Additional Program Features:

  • Cellar Management: Understand the wine industry, supply chains, and manage wine sales (purchase conditions, pricing, margin calculation, stock management, key ratios for commercial units).
  • Wine Marketing: Integrate market dynamics into your practice.
  • Event Organization: Plan and execute wine-related events.
  • Wine and Food Pairings: Courses and tastings.
  • Expert Lectures: Hear from winemakers and industry professionals.
  • Technical Visits: Explore Bordeaux vineyards and beyond.
CAFA Wine,Cafa wine school
  • Tasting techniques and sensory analysis
  • In-depth study of French vineyards
  • In-depth study of foreign vineyards
  • Knowledge of spirits, cold and hot beverages
  • Wine and food pairing and practical workshops in collaboration with chefs
  • Sales and commercialization techniques
  • Fundamentals in Viticulture and
  • Oenology
  • Wine industry and legislation
  • Wine markets and marketing
  • Commercial management and creation of a cellar / cellar management
  • Practical sommelier workshops
  • Technical visits
  • Following the vintage - in the vineyard and at the vat house
  • Participation in blending and futures
  • Student prizes
  • Professional conferences :
  • Conferences of the
  • Interprofessional Committees
  • (Wine Trade Bureaus) from the various wine regions
  • Dormer students
  • Owners, winegrowers, sommeliers, merchant houses, etc…
  • Conferences of the Interprofessional Committees (Wine Trade Bureaus) from the various wine regions
  • Dormer students
  • Owners, winegrowers, sommeliers, merchant houses, etc…

The price includes:

  • French wines & World Wines
  • Wine tasting procedure and techniques
  • Spirits and aperitifs
  • Viticulture and oenology
  • Wine Industry & Legislation
  • Commercial management
  • Food and Wine pairing
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Technical field trips
  • Wine service
  • Trade conferences and guest speakers
  • Wine marketing
  • French wine language
  • Promotional events and Wine tourism
  • Tests
  • The courses given in our school in the center of Bordeaux, in the wine merchants’ area
  • All subjects taught
  • Tastings
  • Field visits
  • The provision of flavors and solutions
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Educational materials
  • Internship(s) in company
  • The intervention of experienced and qualified trainers
  • Practical work
  • Preparation for the examination
  • Registration for the exam
  • Sponsorship of promotion by a renowned institution

Enroll Today and Transform Your Passion for Wine into a Profession!

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What are the dates for
the next training sessions ?

The training takes place at the 108 Quai des Chartrons in Bordeaux
Class hours are from Monday to Friday  : 9.00 am – 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Spring session starting February 2024 :

(from 19th February 2024 to October 2024)

Autumn session starting September 2024

(from 16th September 2024 to June 2025)


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How to come to Bordeaux
and do the training ?

Concerning the visa :

If we accept you as a candidate, the attestation (proof) of enrollment that we provide will allow you stay in France as a student up until the final jury exams and this includes the 6 week internship if you decide to do it in France.

If you are not a citizen of the European Union country, you must go to the French Embassy or Consul in your country and present your CAFA enrollment attestation to procure your visa. We have students from all over the world who come to the CAFA Sommelier school, getting a visa is not a problem.

CAFA Wine School / CAFA Formations has no housing and has no partnership with a housing organization.
On the other hand, we can help you and guide you in finding accommodation as much as possible.

To help you in your search :

Our address is the 108 Quai des Chartrons 33000 Bordeaux (opposite the Hangar 14)

The tram B passes just in front of the school (tram stop: Cours du Médoc)

Most students look for room-mates online as Bordeaux is a giant University town with over one quarter of a million students (second largest student population in Europe), so people are looking for room-mates or people are renting rooms for students all the time.

** It is a good idea however to organize your lodging in advance, as most schools start at the beginning of September in Bordeaux **

Prices range anywhere from 250- 400 Euros/month for sharing (room-mate) a room and 400 – 600 Euros/month for having your own room completely furnished

Here are some useful links in your search :
For sharing with a room-mate (« colocataire » in French):
Former students Alumni

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